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Having "ME Time" when you don't have Time!

I used to complain so much that I don't have time for myself.

Being a mom of two little kids having time for me or even a quiet minute seems impossible. Until I decided to do this....

I was feeling so frustrated trying to find time to workouts, to read a book, to cut my nails, to do my hair, to take a quiet long bath... and in despite squeezing tasks and following an agenda, I found myself not enjoying the time for myself. Until I decided to change the intention of the everyday tasks.

1. Do the ordinary extraordinary - The Me Time doesn’t have to be a fancy massage (Even though I don't mind one) for me having a hot quiet bath before the kids arrive from school is divine and a treat I enjoy to the fullest. Find your ordinary!

2. Simple doesn’t mean unimportant - when was the last time you enjoy cutting your nails? for me that's a dreaded task I have to go like it or not, so I put the intention of enjoying looking at how I can create beauty on the simplicity. Now I cut my nails, I use the normal color and added some shine coat and I really enjoy the final look! 

3. Before snoozing away, remember the great - Every night before I fall asleep, I take a moment to recognize everything I enjoy during the day. If I don't have a lot to remember I make the intention to have more enjoyment the next day to add to my list. 

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So true!

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