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"Spring" Cleaning Tips for all year!

I can't believe that in a few days Spring will be here! 

And with that comes the nice weather, the bugs, and the cleaning!! 

I found a way to shorten the last one and figured I should share with you my tips and tricks. 

First, so you get a perspective of our house, we are a family of 4 with two little ones that have our living room as a playground... The fast-growing kids made me put on a system to avoid the clutter of shoes, clothes, toys, and everything in between. This brings us to our first tip;

1. Donation system - This is what I do - I Keep a big shopping bag in our closet and in real-time as soon I notice a shoe doesn’t fit anymore I go and drop it on the donation bag, after every laundry day I set aside the wear-out clothes and too small ones and when I finish putting the laundry our I go and drop it on the bag.  I do this with everything around the house and as soon as the bag is filled up I take it to the salvation Army. 

I can't tell you how much this helped in keeping the closets and house clean and also gives me a great understanding of what the kids need. 

2.  Cleaning Schedule - I learned this one out of frustration for a never-ending laundry and dishes pile. All I wanted was a clean kitchen a full clean clothes drawers. So I came up with a weekly cleaning schedule. (nonnegotiable).

Here is what mine looks like: 

Monday - Laundry, Kitchen

Tuesday - Trash and recycling out, Kitchen

Wednesday - Laundry, Kitchen

Thursday - Kitchen

Friday - Trash and recycling out, Kitchen

Saturday - Bathrooms, Dining room, Living room, Kitchen, Floors

Sunday- Family Day!! 

The first week we started was work progress to maintain everything and now everyone keeps up with the schedule! it has been a game-changer!!

3. Dishes control - As I said, we are a family of 4 so, I hide the silverware and keep only 4 of everything. 

4 small forks

4 big forks

4 small spoons

4 big spoons

4 small plates

4 large plates

4 bowls

and our kitchen is under control!!! 

I really hope that these tips help you and your family for a year-long clean and tidy house!!

Until the next one!

PS. Share if you know someone who would love this!


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