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Why I learned to cook at 41

Why I learned to cook at 41

If I told you that up to 3 years ago I couldn’t even made white rice? and coming from a puerto rican that's huge!!

Well, the gift i asked for Christmas 2017 was a rice maker... and I got one and finally I made good white rice, but before that I burned EVERYTHING! no kidding!

One time when my first daughter was months old back in 2016 around 8 o'clock the fire alarm started beeping and I run to my daughter's bedroom and my husband run downstairs to see what happened. all the house was covered in smokes, it was winter and I had to open the windows to breath (now I know it was a bad decision). but I was so worried for my baby. Then when my husband came up I started fighting asking him what the heck he did... and he answered back... what do you think happened to the eggs you put to broil??? And I completely forgot...

Here's the thing about me and the kitchen... I got distracted by the minimum move... and then... smoke...

Then when I stand watching, everything was so slow that I got tired and start doing something else... and then smoke again. 

ok, but why did I finally started to learned? 

It was summer 2018, my youngest was 4-5 months old and I had a serious postpartum depression, I went to a therapist and she brought up the subject of cooking, because I was having mom’s guilt about what I was feeding my girls. and she suggested an app that was moron proof and the instapot. And that my friends was magic!!!

The app told me all the ingredients and all the utensils that I needed. I was excited to go grocery shopping and come to make an extraordinary meal for my family! Not only helped me get out of my negative thoughts and depression but it helped the whole family feel more connected. 

Now I'm the baker for school, teachers adored the cakes and pastries I made, here are some. 

I bake my family birthdays cakes, I make pie from scratch including the crust, and I am a whole different game now!!

So when I started my store I thought on home, family, and now we will be going all in in the kitchen!!! stay tuned for the amazing kitchen items we are making and go enjoy the ones already in!  

Thanks for reading all the way to here!! hope you enjoy!! Please let me know what's your story with the kitchen!

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