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Our Why

At Lulu's shops, we believe that every family can be united at dinner time. We believe that Every grandkid should cherish unforgettable memories at grandma's kitchen.
We are on the mission to reunite families around the table and the kitchen.

Welcome home!!! That's how I love to receive family when we make dinners and gather around. Because we want our guest to feel special. 

Hi! I'm Lourdes and besides loving to create with my own hands, I am obsessed with the sun and moon! (Just a little something about me in case I'm not the only one!

Bringing families back together is what lights up any day. We value so much every minute we spent with our daughters. and we get extremely excited to prepare special dinner and set up the table in a spectacular way and create unforgettable memories!

We are a family of 4 (husband, wife(me)) and our 2 little girls!  and we love the connection we had created between wood and our home. We are inspired by our daughters and every project is with them in mind!


We are here to create for you and your family a table decoration you will never forget!

Hope you enjoy your visit! and keep coming back because we are always in creation mode!